The Worst Countries to Travel Alone


Iraq struggles to achieve lasting peace. The nation has seen decades of war and violence, especially under the rule of former leader Saddam Hussein. The Islamic State group seized control of large swaths of the country.

Criticism: It ranks among the lowest countries in the 2019 Best Countries Rankings for citizenship, cultural influence, open for business and entrepreneurship. It ranks last in the quality of life and adventure categories, as well as in the overall best countries listing.

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Not all African destinations boast crystal-clear beaches, acres of savannah and wildlife safari. In fact, Africa has some of the worst poverty-hit and poorly managed nations in the world. Take Somalia, for instance. This small African nation is well known for its slums of Bossaso.

Poverty is not the only reason for you to consider while visiting Somalia. The cities in the country are rampant with human trafficking, piracy, illegal arms dealing, and drug smuggling. The crime rate in these cities is substantially high too. Considering these drawbacks, you and your family may not want to plan a holiday in Somalia for sure.

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Although India is full of some of the world’s most amazing travel treasures, its inclusion in the travel press in recent years has mostly been due to a string of tourist rapes. Local women tend not to fare much better, particularly in cities like Mumbai and Delhi, whose metro has attracted criticism regarding its safety for female riders since it opened in 2010.

India’s current prime minister has created a lot of controversy since his election in 2014—the one that most directly affected tourists was the calamity of invalidating a portion of the country’s currency in 2016. Unfortunately, the Modi government has put forth only vague plans to address the issue of violence against women in India.

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This South American country was once considered a gem among tourist destinations thanks to its lush rainforests and friendly people. However, as major news sources have shown, there’s currently a huge revolt going on in Venezuela’s streets.

Locals are attacking police, police are murdering locals, and food is currently nowhere to be found. As a result, desperation is taking hold, and there is reason to believe that American tourists may end up being targeted for robbery and extortion if they come here.
Though things may get better eventually, as of right now, this is listed as one of the worst places to visit as a tourist destination.

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Last but not least, there is Madagascar. Known for its varied wildlife and beautiful, lush beaches, 70% of its population was known to live below the poverty line in 2009. As in such cases, the people suffer, especially children and women who become more vulnerable to sexual assault.

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